How To Foster An Inclusive Culture

Our post today comes from Cherise Tolbert who is an influencer among diverse job seekers across the country for LatPro, an award winning employment website working to connect employers throughout the Americas with diverse job seekers. You can connect with Cherise on LinkedIn

Workplace diversity is trending; it is an important requirement for innovation and company success. Although workplace diversity is a hot topic many HR professionals are still unfamiliar with how to foster an inclusive workplace culture.

It is one thing to make sure that there are a certain number of people on your team who fit the “diversity” category on paper, but it is completely different to attain true workplace diversity. For that to happen, an inclusive culture must be fostered.

An inclusive office respects and welcomes the ideas of everyone and ensures all employees not only feel safe but appreciated for their unique qualifications, traits, and perspectives. This is hard enough to do in a homogenous office, but is essential in a diverse office; it is the way of the future. As a leader, you must set up space that fosters this environment.

So, what can you do to foster this inclusive office mindset?

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Helping Your Hiring Manager See Past the Friendly Face

Using resources like LinkedIn and Glassdoor, candidates can easily break through your carefully crafted behavioral interview questions; before you know it you’ve got a Controller who can’t figure out the balance sheet.

Kris Dunn recently wrote a post on how candidates can beat weak hiring managers and it is a great example of the advice that’s easy to find on the web.

Here is a quick snippet:

“Your interview is full of opinions and insights coming from the interviewer.  They’re trying to build flow.  Your job as a candidate is to use that and build even more momentum.  Here’s how you do it:

You hear the interviewer/hiring manager share an opinion or experience they appear to view as positive.  You automatically grab something from your past that shows you’ve had a similar experience.  That’s a +1 strategy.

Non work-related example – Hiring Manager complaining about DMV.  You share your worst DMV experience.  Shared misery +1.” Click over to FOT to read the rest. 

I love this advice because building a rapport and finding something in common with your interviewer can only help you get the offer; We tend to hire people we like.

The problem is when your hiring manager can’t recognize this bias or struggles to get past it. When you don’t interview on a regular basis its hard to build up that interrogation style that gets you real answers and not fluff.

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Is Focus the New Time Management?

And an update on the February reading challenge 

I look at the clock on my computer and realize its already 11 and I’m not quite sure what I accomplished in the first three hours of my day.

That’s not true. I know that I’ve answered a ton of emails, responded to IM’s and had 3-5 conversations over the phone or in-person.

I’m just not sure what I actually accomplished. 

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VR, AR & HR?

Virtual Reality (VR) headsets and Augmented Reality (AR) games like Pokemon Go are new technologies but the applications go beyond making fun of people or playing games. Many companies are already using this technology in the office and on the factory floor.

After reading a couple articles on this, the nerd in me decided to investigate further.  My latest article in the PIC Reports series explores how VR & AR are being used in the workplace.

Here’s a quick snippet:

“Banning technology from the office or raging against progressive innovations doesn’t work. Think about trying to stop email back in the 80’s, the internet in 90’s and 2000’s and lately, trying to ban social media. It just doesn’t work. There will be others in the HR community who will eventually write about banning VR and AR in the name of compliance – not me, not now.

Instead, I’m going to share with how you can utilize these technologies at your offices. Applying this technology in the areas of training, recruiting and even employee engagement are not as much of a stretch as you would think.”

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January Reading & Writing Update

US Super Zips

Last month I wrote about my plan to read at least one book a month this year. I’m happy to report that I finished my January book… in February.  The January selection was The Big Sort, which has been sitting on my book shelf for four years, along with a lot of other books I haven’t read yet either. I couldn’t let it remain another victim of my aggressive, aspirational book hobby.

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