New Years Resolutions Part 1

I am wary of setting New Years resolutions. I know the track record for keeping them is abominable (at least for me),  but I understand the motivation.

It’s December 31st and you are feeling reflective on the past,  hopeful about the future… or it’s the morning of January 1st and you are questioning why you thought it was a good idea to mix Tequila and Champagne (it’s not trust me).

Either way I think it’s part of human nature to take a deep breath after holiday craziness and start thinking about what needs to go and what can stay.

Part of the important process of deciding your New Years resolutions can be deciding what NOT to do: no mixing tequila and champagne,  no longer baby sitting the annoying kids across the street,  etc; you get the idea

Based on the past years events I can tell you some resolutions you may want to consider in your HR group. Even with a hangover you should see these are not a good idea:

1. I will not discriminate against those that are unemployed  when making hiring decisions

2. I will not be the company that fired someone over the phone

3. I will be smart enough to realize that anything can be posted to Twitter…such as the $10k spot bonus I gave my employee’s while the company is cutting jobs.

4. If work conditions are unsafe for my employee’s I will not station ambulances outside the warehouse and have fresh employees waiting to replace the sick ones, instead I will advocate for employee safety and health.

Stay tuned! Next week,  I will be posting what you should resolve to do in the New Year!