New Years Resolutions Part 2

Last week I wrote about what HR should not  be doing in the New Year.  Of course,  it’s easy to sit and point out the faults in other companies and learn from those. But I think it’s a bigger challenge to filter through loads of information to find ideas that work for the companies we support.

In the spirit of last week’s post I have collected some ideas to provide guidance for your 2012 HR New Years resolutions.  I tried to leave out examples of “grand” gestures (such as providing free cafeterias) because those are not always practical for smaller companies. Instead I focused on ideas I think can work in any organization.  In the words of Jay Kuhns: No Excuses!

1. Remember that HR is local, keep your ear to the ground and stay abrest of what is going on in your local communities. Resolve to do the right thing or advocate for the right thing when there is a local problem.  For example,  in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene,  over a million people in Virginia did not have  power.  Many local companies gave out ice to their employees and opened their facilities to employees families.  Resolve to help your employees and your local community, do this not because its good PR but because it’s the right thing.

2. Encourage your employees to take vacation and actually mean it. Does your company have a generous vacation policy? Do people actually use it? Resolve to be the employer where employees actually take their vacation.

3.Resolve to build an environment where people and their opinions are valued; and no I’m not suggesting the rubber stamp “Open Door” policy.  A great example of this is the movie studio Dreamworks.  They encourage any employee to pitch a movie to executives,  if they aren’t sure how to do that,  employees can take a class to learn how to pitch an idea.  Talk about walking the walk,  talking the talk,  and teaching people how to do that.

What about you? What are your HR resolutions in the New Year? Leave it in the comments,  can’t wait to hear from all of you!