New Year Musings

So the other day I was sitting here struggling to write up my blog posts for this week.  One of my resolutions is to stick to a regular writing schedule and write at least three times a week.  This is a tough resolution because my body seems to be wired to do everything at the last minute; it also seems set up to accept every possible distraction.  I just started writing this and it popped into my head that I should check out Monday Morning Quarterback, luckily I’m older then two so I was able to check that impulse (also I hate the NFL right now because it sucked up my time rooting for a team that didn’t make it to the playoffs).

Anyway, I’ve been reading a lot of information lately about new years resolutions….not a good idea to set them, no one ever keeps them, even outright mockery of those that set resolutions.

When did it become a bad thing to look out at the freshness of the new year and say to yourself: “I am going to change.”

I don’t know about the rest of you but the first three months of the year have less then stellar weather in most parts of North America: gray clouds, snow, sleet,  and of course ice storms.

Instead of huddling in your house, get out in the world and work on something you really want to change in your life:  finances, keeping in touch with friends, or even reading that pile of books you haven’t touched in years.

Do you want some advice (probably not but I’m going to give it anyway) and motivation? Go and tell the world what you are going to change. When you’ve told everyone about how you are going to lose 30 pounds or climb a mountain it has a way of motivating you. This way the next time you see your sister you can say “HA! lost ANOTHER 10 pounds!”

So I guess this means I’m writing three days a week now,  yes you can take that check to the bank and cash it! See you one Wednesday!

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  • It’s true on both points. It’s better to give yourself some type of goal to shoot for. And telling people holds you accountable. I announced yesterday I was gonna try a vegetarian lifestyle for a while and the support has been surprising.

    Now I get 3 Remixes a week. The Twitterverse is better for it

    • Melissa

      Hey Chris, Thanks for the comment, I\’ve found that telling people what I\’m going to do works very well for me and my personality. Another tip I\’ve read is to break your goal into small goals (steps) that will help you achieve the larger goal. This helps you see small accomplishments and keeps motivation up. Good luck with your healthy lifestyle in 2012!