Get Smarter – Week Ending 1/6/2012

Hi Everyone,  how about ending the week a little smarter? Below I’ve provided a round up of some great articles and blog posts I’ve read this week. Browse through them and let me know what you think. I’m not sure that I will do this every Friday, only if you think it is beneficial.  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Best Buy is Going out of Business:  Not any time soon but I certainly agree with this:

Hail the New Chief of Diversity:

Workers at Kodak reflect on their Kodak moments – If you haven’t heard Kodak is on the brink of filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  This article talks with former Kodak employee’s about their time at the company, at times poignant and sad this is a must read:

Behind every great woman…is a househusband? Bloomberg Weekly takes a look at high ranking executive women with a husband who stays home and takes care of the kids,  this is a long read but very good:

Best of the Blogs: 

If you haven’t read Dr.  Daniel Crosby’s phenomenal Leading Change Series you need to get there now,  this is an excellent series full of useful information:


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