Weekly reMix 1/20/2012

Hey Everyone,  Hope this friday is treating you well.  This weeks remixes are a true mashup of interesting articles and blogs I’ve read on the web this week,  check out below:

First some HR reMixs:

Stop bashing HR (Harvard Business Review) – enough said,  go read this short blog post then tape it to your CEO/Manager/Director’s Door,  then post it in the break room…just don’t put it near all the labor law posters,  nobody reads those,  maybe tape it to the refrigerator door?

Not a perfect fit (Chris Fields via Cost of Work.com) – great comments about that elusive “fit” we are always looking for

B-words,  Babies, and tolerating terrible top performers (Victorio Milian)- excellent piece,  anytime you can tie in Jay Z to HR it has to be good!

And some other great stuff:

Steve Ballmer Reboots – (Bloomberg Businessweek) – excellent (but long) article about Steve Ballmer and his attempts to bring Microsoft back to the technology cutting edge. If you are questioning why you should spend your precious time reading this long article,  check out the below video of Steve Ballmer,  after watching this video I was hooked and read the whole thing.

How to become a great communicator (CBS) – some good suggestions in this article, I particularly love the one about reading literature,  a great and cheap way to learn how to write.  One word of caution is the horrible clutter of the CBS news page…enough said!

Speaking of literature:

Edgar Allan Poe “toaster” tradition is no more ( Washington Post) – Interesting mystery story about a visitor who leaves a special gift at Edgar Allan Poe’s grave every year on the anniversary of his birthday.  I love Poe’s work and it seems fitting,  200 years after his death he is still generating mystery and buzz.  For more info on this great writer check out the Poe Museum in Richmond,  Virginia.

So dear and loyal blog reader,  how are you liking the weekly reMix? Like it? Love it? Hate It? Should I add more links and information? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!