You got the job…How do you keep it?

Congratulations super star! In the worst economic conditions in decades you have managed to network your way to the job of your dreams! As you sail out of the old office your mind is already racing ahead to the new and better digs.  You are thinking about pictures for your new office and scoping out the restaurants nearby. You are flying high on the winds of supreme self confidence.

And now…I must bring you crashing down.  You see you really aren’t done with all the hard work that got you this position. At the rate of change the world is going through you can’t afford to drop the skills that got you the new job.

You got the job but how do you keep it? 

A few suggestions:

1. Remember the elevator pitch you put together? Don’t forget it.  How else are you going to impress the senior leader you see in the elevator? Oh and speaking of that you may want to take a look at the company intranet so that you recognize important people in the elevator.  For your pitch to work you need to recognize the leaders of your company.

2. Prioritize the work.  In the first 90 days try to complete or make significant progress on highly visible projects or tasks.  This will garner you the positive attention of your team mates and build accomplishments.

3.  Build your internal network.  Get to know people throughout the company.  This will help you understand the organization and its culture. The people you meet can also provide valuable assistance navigating policy and red tape.  Of course you should always be willing to reciprocate.  This helps spread the word that you know how to get things done which is a good reputation to have.

4. Solicit feedback.  At the least you and your manager should sit down to discuss progress  in the first 90 days. But you should really set up some type of weekly or  bi-weekly,  touch base.  It doesn’t need to be an hour or even a half hour.  Just 15 minutes a week can help ensure things are going smoothly.

5. You will make mistakes.  Own up quickly and graciously.  When you say “sorry” mean it.

6. Don’t take advantage of the great telecommuting program…yet.  I know, I know, one of the reasons you wanted to work at the new place is because of the great telecommuting program.  I understand that but it is difficult enough to build relationships face to face.  Add in an overeager newbie working from home? Just don’t do it…yet.

Those are just a few things that come to mind quickly,  much of it drawn from my experience in HR, what about you?  How do you continue to add value to your job  and your team? Leave some suggestions in the comments.


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7 Replies to “You got the job…How do you keep it?”

  1. I would add:

    7. Be visible – Make sure you speak up in meetings. Don’t be a wallflower. Be confident, they hired you for a reason.

    8. Question the Status Quo – I love it when new employees challenge the way we do things. A new perspective can help you find new efficiencies.

    Great post!

    1. Great suggestions, especially the wall flower comment. Too often people don\’t speak up and lose the advantage of being the new person. Thanks for the comment and suggestion!

  2. Everyone you meet on the elevator (or elsewhere) is important, everyone.

    You know those technical skills you exhibited to get the job offer? They are getting out-dated already-keep working on them and/or figure out what new thing you will need by the end of the year.

  3. Don’t just own up to your mistakes. Explain how you are making sure they won’t happen again. That’s the difference between being seen as incompetent and being seen as someone who is constantly making themselves a better asset for the business.

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