Weekly reMix 2/3/2012

Stories this week cover the on the new, new war for talent in silicon valley,  introverts and the lack of women on Facebook’s board.

Apple fuels silicon valley hiring amid bubble 2.0 concerns  – In an interesting shift, more and more MBA’s are heading to silicon valley.  Previously these graduates flocked to investment banking and financial services but are now giving silicon valley a second look.  Apparently the double digit growth is a big factor in their decisions.  The rapid growth and “war for talent” mentality isn’t fooling some people though: 

“After some real dark days, there’s a lot of excitement and innovation happening again, but as a guy who has been through Bubble 1.0, I can’t help but see a lot of similarities,” said Stuart MacDonald, chief marketing and revenue officer at Freshbooks.com, a maker of online business software in Toronto. “I can’t help but think I’ve seen this movie before.”

Let’s hope this movie doesn’t end with Ben Bernake telling us Apple is too big to fail.

Quiet, Please: Unleashing the power of introverts–  Turns out introverts aren’t anti-social freaks after all…who knew? 

No women on Facebook Board – What’s up with that? Kind of interesting considering the majority of Facebook users are women.

Best of the Blogs:

Have you checked out Manage Better Now? If not you should,  this blog has some excellent insight into managing and leadership. My favorite posts this week were LinkedIn,  The Policy Police, and The Absent Leader and Developing Your Grit.

In case you missed the reMix this week,  I talked about shiny disco balls of distraction  and how to keep your new job:  

Twitter! Squirrel! Facebook! Shiny Object!  

You’ve got the job now how do you keep it?

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