Weekly reMix 2/24/2012

TGIF ad infinitum! 

So this week was pretty normal…I started a new job,  and counseled some friends through a tough job situation…yea the usual week for the me. All joking aside it’s been a good week and I end it with some recommended reMix reading:

Why would anyone leave Google? Actually not too many surprising reasons here: working at a satellite office doesn’t have as much cache, sometimes it’s just time to move on and sometimes you just want to cash out…OK maybe the last one is not something we can relate to.

The main reason Googlers leave

Should you send that email? Ever wonder if people read your email?  You should probably consult this workflow before you send out that six paragraph email explaining the file naming convention on your Sharepoint site:

Should you send that email? 

If you aren’t interested in bonuses or compensation,  read this just because the company name is Wooga, it’s like Wookie, but different:

Wooga,  a case study in no cash bonus culture

If you still haven’t had enough to read,  or it’s 4:45 and you are trying to figure out how to look busy until 5:00 comes up check out what I wrote about this week. I was all over the net:

Kapta Systems Blog: Part 2 in a three part series on implementing a TMS 

Don’t miss this great post from Wednesday on smiling, it’s been getting great numbers and seems to resonate with a lot of people:

Advice I never took 

Finally,  if you still haven’t had enough,  check out my post on Performance I Create:

Where the Wizard went wrong

Thanks for reading this week! Have a great weekend!

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