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If you’ve worked in the HR trenches long enough you’ve seen it: the horrible,  god-awful,  grace-less exit from the company.  Maybe it’s the call center guy who starts screaming during the termination meeting or  maybe it’s the senior executive who emailed the entire company,   either way,  it’s not pretty for anyone and no one comes out looking good.

This past week though we saw something different come out of…professional sports. In recent years athletes have not exactly been professional when leaving their teams (for example Lebron James who managed to take over Art Modell‘s place as king of jerks in Cleveland),  but in Peyton Manning we witnessed a graceful and professional exit.

Anyone watching the video below can see how difficult it is for him to talk.  Regardless of how he feels about the organizations choice to cut him,  he talks in a humble,  graceful and professional manner (the tears can be forgiven):

Talk about a tough situation.  Despite the rumored tensions Peyton manages to end things in a graceful manner.  I wish more people had the wisdom to see that when bad news is delivered it’s best to bow out gracefully. Thank you Peyton for keeping it classy.

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7 Replies to “Keep it classy”

  1. So when you refer to Lebron James as “king of jerks” you actually mean giant freaking douche bag right?!? Great point though, many of us have been in that uncomfortable situation where we lose our jobs and it is best to hold our heads high and walk out with dignity…In many circumstances we are even much better off, even if we don’t realize it at the moment. Who knows, now Peyton may go off and make $12 million instead of a measly $10 million a year and might win another 1 or 2 Super Bowls.

    1. Sounds like a passionate Cleveland sports fan left me a comment, I\’m really not sure how you feel about Lebron James, could you clarify? Thanks for the comment!

  2. One of our consultants left today – she’s been with us a few years and we’re all very fond of her. We had bought her a present and intending on going out for some drinks after work but she went out for a coffee and never came back. She sent a message saying she couldn’t handle a big goodbye which is fair enough. It would be nice if it was like this everytime.

    1. Wow, sorry to hear that it ended on such a strange note. But goodbyes are more difficult for some then others. Thank you for the comment.

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