Weekly reMix – 3/30/2012

Hey Everyone, I found a lot of great stories on the web this week, some HR related, some not. Take a look and let me know what you think:

Few people are actually looking up applicants on social media – A little bit of a reality check on the Facebook password controversy. In reality there are very few employers who actually ask for your social media passwords, at least according to this article. What do you think?

Want to innovate? Feed a cookie to the monster– very interesting interview with Terry Tietzen on how to create and sustain innovation in your organization.

How long will the cult of Apple endure? unless you live under a rock  you have probably met some fanatical Apple devotee. You know the type…they look at you with pity when you explain that your have no problem with a PC, then CONTINUE to tell you about how great Apple is. Seriously though,  this is a great article about the cult of Apple and the reality of keeping those cultish followers.

Inside the Chinese boom in espionage – excellent article about corporate espionage in China. This is happening to a lot of big name companies! 

Oh and don’t forget to check out what I worked on this week:

For Performance I Create: The secret ingredient in performance management

On the reMix, a little existential angst: Nothing original to say

That’s it for this week! See you next week!

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