Weekly reMix 4/6/2012

Happy Easter! Happy Passover! Or maybe you are an atheist and don’t really give a crap? No worries! Regardless of your race,  creed,  gender,  or political persuasion you can still check out some of the great stuff I’ve found on the web this week. Check out the reMix and make it a great weekend!

Make work fun – from Brazen Careerist,  if you haven’t checked this site out before, go check it out,  it is chock full of great information.

HR practices out of date – great post from Josh Bersin about HR practices that get out of date

Go on a negativity diet – love,  love,  love this article! Seriously, it is a good thing to disconnect yourself from the negative stuff in your life.  Read this and you will see what I mean.

On the reMix this week I highlighted a phenomenal motivational speech, You Are not That Great and hosted a guest post about telecommuting. Next week i’m talking about cliques and my crazy compulsion to run 4 miles.  Stay tuned!


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