Official HR Policy: No Dogs in the Bathroom


Note: Email readers you may have to go to the actual post to see the picture

Wondering what that is? It’s a gimmick designed to stop a dog from drinking water from the toilet. Interesting set up,  yes?

Here is the back story,  my husband and I were discussing our dog (big shock I know) with a friend of a friend who has a Great Dane mix.  As we were trading typical dog antics stories, she topped ours with the above picture.  You see her dog kept drinking water out of the toilet,  so her fiance designed the above contraption which is designed to release the plunger when the dog tries to lift the toilet seat.  When the dog lifts the toilet seat and gets smacked by the plunger she won’t want to go drinking from the toilet again.  Or so the theory goes…

For sure, a hilarious story (even funnier in person) but I thought to myself “why wouldn’t you just close the bathroom door?” It got me thinking about all the crazy, convoluted things we  put together in our workplace(s) and then foist on employees.

How about the 5 page dress policy? You know the one,  it details all the clothes (with definitions for those that don’t know what capri pants are) that you absolutely cannot wear.  At the end of five pages (if you make it there) you realize that basically all you can wear to work is a suit and on Fridays you can wear Dockers.  Oh and no one actually enforces the policy unless you are a slacker your manager is trying to get rid of.

Or how about the convoluted hiring process that consists of  making candidates take an SAT like test, and submit to drug screening BEFORE the first interview? After that a manager could have 2-3 interviews before three layers of management decide an offer can be made! I’m not even sure what we think these long,  drawn out interview processes actually accomplish.

Isn’t it fairly simple to say “dress in a professional manner respective to your position and the environment you are in ?”  Isn’t it much simpler to keep the hiring process as brief and consistent  as possible?

In the same vein,  why not just close the bathroom door? No more drinking from the toilet and the problem is solved!

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    1. And you got it early! I would like to say I planned to post it tonight but that was not my intention. 🙂

  1. Once upon a time I got a call from a customer who was complaining about one of our employees (why the receptionist didn’t pass the call to the manager of the aforementioned employee I will never know). The complaint? The customer (and her husband) had entered our establishment to be greeted by the lovely heaving bosoms of a well-endowed female employee who was wearing a very low cut blouse. The woman said “my husband was offended at the inappropriately sexual attire of your employee.” Yes ma’am – duly noted.

    1. That is a classic Robin! Why not just take it up with the husband instead of calling the employee? Haha! Thanks for the comment Robin.

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