Yes it’s the law….

but why do we need a law to force us to treat our employees the right way? In 2012 why are we still using laws as an excuse?

How many times have we used the defense that “it’s the law” when we are trying to get a manager or an employee to do something? Here are some examples:

“Yes, she gets 12 weeks off for having a baby…it’s not our rule, it’s the governments!”

“Yes, you have to pay overtime…”

Now here’s the thing: what is so unfair about paying an employee overtime? Or for giving an employee time off when she just had a baby? This is the right way to treat people.  I’m tired of the “it’s the law” excuse, how about “it’s the right thing to do”?

Don’t get me wrong, there are many times when it’s helpful to have a law to back you up, but it should not be the only way to get stuff done in HR.

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