Weekly reMix 4/20/2012

Happy April 20th! Sounds like a good day to do a random drug test huh?

Okay,  so this week has been another action packed week for the reMix. Two great posts this week tackling the law & the Secret Service:

Yes It’s the law

Just a boys night out 

In addition to that I had a great conversation with my favorite blogging buddy Chris Fields from Cost Of Work consulting,  we are working on a little mashup series for Cost of Work and HR reMix.  That is going to hit the streets in May,  stay tuned!

OK,  I”m done advertising for my blog,  here is what I have been reading this week:

Mixing Golf and Ravioli With Business  – Great interview piece with Annette Catino, the CEO of QualCare Inc.  She discusses team building and the importance of golf. She believes so strongly in the relationship building that goes along with golf that she actually asks about golf during interviews.  Definitely a different approach!

inGenius: A Crash Course on Creativity – How would you like to get a test with one word? Then you had to write about it? That is how one school “teaches creativity.” This and other research is discussed in a new book that is reviewed in this article.  I’ve put the book on my list !

Performance I Create – HPI Series – If you haven’t checked out this series yet from Chris Ponder you should.  It’s an excellent series on performance management that is backed up with research but isn’t dry.  Good stuff!

That’s all folks! Go out and enjoy the weekend and see you back next week!

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