Weekly reMix 5/18/2012

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! I for one am extremely delighted that Friday is here.

So this week, I spent some time catching up on HR blogs and finding you some other great stuff from around the web,  check it out and let me know what you think.  Anything you think I should be reading?

Best of the blogs:

Charlie Judy,  HR Fishbowl,  The Future of Work: A Manifesto – A must read…it’s a manifesto about work,  life,  employment and organizations.  One of my favorite lines:

Let’s make Dilbert cartoons and The Office something we can enjoy as the relics of a past indus­trial, mecha­nical age. Let’s stop work from sucking. Let’s empower ourselves and each other to make our lives better, and thereby make our societies better.

Buzz Rooney,  The Buzz on HR,  HR After 40 Years Along the Way – Awesome retrospective on 40 years in HR,  the best part is the final paragraph…go read it.

And some other good stuff I found on the web this week:

Managing Millionaires – imagine you walk in to work tomorrow and your team has changed…they are all millionaires! That is the dilemma Mark Zuckerberg will be facing once Facebook goes public.  This article talks about the unique challenges faced by organizations once their employees become millionaires.

Hacking Work – How to (safely) break work to make it better.  Good article from the BBC that gives examples of how to use the hacker mentality to make work better.


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