Weekly reMix 9/21/2012

What’s new in your world? This week I’m all about new stuff: new books,  new music and new recipes.  They say it’s good to change things up so I try that.  This week,  I refused to cook any recipes’s I’ve already cooked so my house was treated to schezuan sesame noodles and braised chicken with peppers. On the music side I started a new concerto: Mozart’s 4th Concerto in D Major.  On the book side,  I’m reading Crucial Conversations.

Okay,  so that is what’s new with me, what about you all? New books? New shows? New plans? Tell me all about it in the comments…Best of the blogs to follow:


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  • Something very special happened today. I replaced several light bulbs on the outside of my truck. I’m not the most mechanical guy though I got er done.

    Sometimes, you’ve got to jump into the pool and see if you can swim!

    • Melissa

      I understand that. I\’ve had a couple home emergencies while the hubby was out of town. Felt good to take care of it on my own!