Corporate Recruiters put on your agency hat!

Today’s post is brought to us courtesy of Bonnie Ungaro, when she isn’t reading awesome HR blogs she is a recruiter in the greater Chicago area. I’m happy to feature her recruiting advice here about every other month (check out her last post here). You can connect with her on Twitter: @bonnieungaro or LinkedIn.

I’ve never been an agency recruiter but I’ve worked with plenty throughout my recruitment career. It’s a great partnership because in a moments notice I can rely on multiple trusted and dedicated people to aide in my sourcing effort. With the start of the New Year, one of your goals should be adapting an agency recruiter mentality. It’s easy for corporate recruiters to fall into the comfort of “they come to us”, because the work demands of corporate recruiters are often above and beyond the scope of just recruitment. Now is the time to add a little agency recruiter to your corporate work style. A couple ways to agent-fy your recruitment style: building talent pipelines and “all cost recruitment tactics and sales!”

Talent pipelines are key to developing a readily available pool of candidates for your organization. There are several simple ways to make this happen. You can partner with local schools; high schools, community colleges, college and universities. Also check out alumni groups, job support groups and local government programs. Build relationships with the organizations and make meaningful connections with the members. Create talent communities for the different sectors in your industry. The goal is to open as many quality lines of continuous communication between your organization and potential candidates.

Top talent is hard to find. Word on the street is top talent is not always readily available and activity applying to your posted jobs. Hard to find talent is the very reason for an “all cost” recruitment approach. What do I mean by “all cost” recruitment? I mean adapt the mentality “I will fill this job with the best talent, at all costs!” Sure it starts with your job posting and sourcing the people that have applied but it doesn’t stop there. Search your system for candidates that have applied in the past. Outside of your applicant tracking system you need to advertise on high trafficked job boards, source resume databases, LinkedIn and conduct Boolean searches through Google. The goal is to aggressively seek out passive top talent and make contact.

Lastly, sales are just important in corporate recruitment as it is in agency recruitment. Don’t be the corporate recruiter that believes their company sells it self because of it’s well branded image and the mentality of “people want to work here, and if they don’t we don’t want them”. Sure some part of that may be true but selling the company culture is critical to building pipeline, attracting top talent and making a positive lasting impression.

You need to believe in and sell your company. Deciding to join a company is a major decision, as a recruiter we are part of this very important and critical process. We are the one’s communicating the pieces that influence an individual’s decision to join. Selling a high quality employer brand is key to creating a strong desire to be a part of your company. The goal is to make all candidates leave the interview process saying, “I just need to work there!”

There is much more beyond this post that corporate recruiters need to be doing to stay ahead of the talent game, but this is a good start. Making a continuous and conscious effort to actively and aggressively seek the best talent for your company is the main objective of any recruiter; don’t let other responsibilities make you loose sight of your recruitment goals.