Back by popular demand: the Weekly reMix 3/8/2013

Back by popular demand…the weekly reMix!

For those of you who are new to the blog this is a weekly post where I highlight the best of the stuff that I’ve read during the week. In a slight (very slight) improvement over its previous iteration I’m attempting to break these posts into categories. So if you aren’t interested in HR legal junk then skip ahead. No guarantees these categories will be the same going forward but none the less enjoy!

Here is what I’m reading this week:

From The Ohio Employer Law Blog: Is an employer obligated to provide light duty to an employee returning from FMLA leave?

Employee Engagement/Relations: 
From Switch and Shift: Want employee engagement? Start recognizing small things
From Talent Anarchy: Hey management! Cyber loafing is your fault! 
From the Symbolist Blog: One Coin- Two Sides- Incentive good or incentive bad? 
From HR Ringleader: It’s ok to hate your coworker

From Seth Godin: Understanding local media
From Altucher Confidential: Live your life as if everyone else was going to die today

The Yahoo (now Best Buy) ROWE issue: 
From Tim Sackett: The F-words final, shallow gasp
From Business Insider: The creators of Best Buy’s Flexible Work Program are furious that it’s getting dropped
From HR Nasty: How a remote employee is really viewed: HR Comes clean

Career/Job Search: 
From Harvard Business Review: What’s Worse? Glass Ceilings? Or Glass Cellars?
From Creative Chaos HR: Social HR in action: Crowdsourcing my career 

And finally…The Mini Carnival of HR from Chris Fields at this is a great carnival featuring posts all about HR, Social Media and networking.  Even if you aren’t interested in these topics (why are you reading my blog exactly…) this is a great roundup of established and up and coming HR bloggers.