Carnival of HR – reMix edition

Today is a special day for my blog and my readers. Normally, you would get a post from me chattering on about HR, or employees or organizations or why work sucks but today you get to hear from twenty-two different people talking about all things workplace related…that’s right today I’m hosting the Carnival of HR for the very first time!

I am happy to say that the posts I have for you today absolutely rock…they are so good in fact that I’m worried you won’t come back to my blog. So, read these posts, subscribe to their awesome blogs but keep some room in your reader for the reMix!

On the international front:

Work, MC’ing, Employee Engagement, Social Media and other goodies:

This is a great group of posts asking us to re-think ideas that have been around for a long time:

On leadership:

No carnival of HR would be complete without HR talking about itself:

So you may have heard that SHRM is having its annual conference soon…even if you can’t make it you can still participate by helping support No Kid Hungry, check out Dwane Lay’s post SHRM Kickball and No Kid Hungry for all the details!