Carnival of HR – Polar Vortex Edition

Polar Vortex

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Greetings from snow covered Richmond, Virginia. Yes that’s right; it snowed here for the second time in as many weeks.  I have to tell you I am NOT happy about this.  Mr. Remix convinced me to move here based on the fact that “it never snows in the south!” Hmpf. I’m going to have a file grievance with my union about false promises.


Speaking of unions and grievances….I PASSED the SPHR test! Thank you for the advice you passed on to me via this blog, Twitter and a ton of other methods. I needed every tip I could get, but more on that in a post to follow next week.


On to the business at hand! To keep you warm (and entertained) this snowy day I have a variety of excellent posts related to HR, development, leadership and tons of other HR related goodness.


Scroll down to read on and stay warm!



Julie Winkle Giulioni tells us: Growth: It’s No Longer Optional

Don’t we all need a little help talking to the boss? Dan Mcarthy is here to help with his excellent post 10 Tips for Having 1 on 1 Meetings with Your Boss.

Sarah Williams talks professional development and why you shouldn’t tell her what to do in her post Don’t Tell Me What to Do.

Employment Law 

Michael Haberman gives us some great information on who can and cannot be discriminated against with his post: Do You Know That Not Everyone is Protected Against Discrimination?

Ian Welsh challenges us to think about that lovely trend of “Hiring for Fit” in his post Systemic Discrimination in Hiring – The Cultural Fit!

Check out the basics on settlement agreements with this post from the eskill blog: Settlement Agreements. When to Offer Them, and What to Cover.

Over at the Canadian HR Reporter Stuart Rudner advises us to Think Twice Before You Quit. Good advice!


Blogging 4 Jobs gives us the latest on recruiting trends with these posts:

Recruiting Meets Corporate Culture

Hire To Retain

Internal Recruiting Gets Sexier in 2014

2 out of 3 Companies to Expand Social Recruiting

Mobile Recruiting: How and Where to Start

Invest in Internal Mobility

Avoid the “Black Hole” When Applying for Jobs Online

Over at the Lean HR blog, Dwane Lay has a refreshing look at candidate experience and recruiting in his post Are You Overworking Recruiting?

Robin Schooling takes us back to the groovy seventies with her post Branded a Loser? Vintage Candidate Experience?


Susan Mazza reminds us that our 24/7 culture isn’t always the way to a more productive lifestyle with her post, Set Boundaries For Success. 

Linda Fisher Thornton helps us Understand and Prevent Ethical Leadership Failures.

Jennifer Miller asks an important question about self-control in her post Leadership Self-Control – Are  You About to Lose It?

You’ve screwed up before haven’t you? Karin Hurt takes an insightful look at how leaders respond to screw ups and the implications of those responses in her post The Screw Up Post I Shouldn’t Have to Write.


Team Development

Jesse Lyn Stoner gives us some excellent tips on Creating a Shared Vision That Works.


Company Culture

Zappos has announced that it is going to do away with both bosses and titles over the next year. Whether you think that will work or not, you can learn a lot by studying Zappos and other companies with nontraditional workplace cultures. Read Wally Bock’s take in his post What Can We Learn From Zappos Bossless Initiative ?

Over at the Changeboard Blog, Kathaleen Richard interviews Jo Loyd, HR Director at Arco, to discuss their engagement and wellness strategies in the post Healthy Employees, Happy Workplace.

Ever wonder how companies become high-growth? Alex Raymond, of the Kapta blog, has some tips with his post Key Characteristics of High-Growth Companies.

Amit Bhagria points out a very simple key to a better workplace: gratitude. Read his post Leveraging the Power of Gratification at the Workplace to find out how simple and effective this can be.

Too much reading? Need a break? Andrew Tarvin shares some humor quotes to get you through the workday.

Tips and Tricks for HR

Wonder if you have what it takes to make it in HR? Ben Eubanks outlines some important skills (NOT encyclopedic employment law knowledge) in his post Essential HR Skills: Communication, Conflict, and Change.

Justin Harris, the unlikely HR guy, encourages us to share our HR talents and skills with more than just other HR pro’s in his post To Your Network and Beyond.

Looking to change or update your talent acquisition strategy? Nisha Raghavan (Your HR Buddy) gives you 10 ideas with her 10 Things to Reinvent Your Talent Acquisition Strategy post.