Trump Won. We Can All Move Along Now. Right?

election-overNope. As evidenced by the #notmypresident hashtag and protests, our President-Elect will be stirring up strong emotions for at least four more years. As  HR Pro’s we are going to continue to see this bleed into the workplace.

That’s why I’ve put together a list of some of the best articles I’ve read on the post election workplace, Donald Trump, and politics at work. It doesn’t matter that the election is over, the divisiveness we saw in this election will likely continue and we should anticipate the implications and our response.

The Compliance Implications:

What A Trump Victory Means for Employers and Employment Law

My 2 Cents on President – Elect Trump’s Impact on HR Compliance in 2017


LEAD: He Won, So What? Now You Must Lead

Protect Your Culture When Political Correctness is Under Fire

COMMUNICATE: Employee Communications When Emotions Run High: Five Steps to a Successful Message

Go to a SHRM event/Networking Event/or start a conversation on LI to learn how other HR Pro’s are handling these issues in their workplace

LEARN: Why Trump’s Win Holds So Many Important Lessons For Leaders

Lessons From The Freak Show


Bully Your Employees: The GrubHub CEO Proves That Bullies Exist on Both Sides of the Aisle in This Election

Stay in Your Bubble: The Other Side is Not Dumb

Be the Oblivious Jerk Talking About Politics At Work: How To Talk Politics At Work

This list is by no means complete and I will update as I read more. Help your fellow HR pro’s by sharing your thoughts and advice in the comments below this post.

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