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 Short Bio:

When it comes to work three things are important to me:

1. I want people to hate work less

2.  I want work to suck less

3. I want to re-hab HR’s image

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Full Bio:

I’m a business leader that specializes in HR.  That means I’m responsible for many things in the people space: recruiting, employee relations and training to name a few.  I’ve worked in a number of different environments: financial, technical, distribution and manufacturing to name a few. For all the details check out my LinkedIn page.

As an HR pro I’m most interested in understanding the interplay of people, work, culture, law and technology.

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Personal Interests:

Oh yea, if you haven’t noticed, I’m from Cleveland. Love: The Cavs, playing violin,  listening to music,  reading, walking my dog, blogging, the NFL

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4 Replies to “About HR reMix”

  1. Hey Melissa!

    Wanted to touch base. We just announced our big news today, check out the TechCrunch piece: “EmployInsight Grabs $1M For Its Employee Measurement Platform (And NYSE As Its First Client)”

    We love your blog, and would love to give you a deep dive of the product, and get your thoughts. Let me know if you have time!


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