January Reading & Writing Update

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Last month I wrote about my plan to read at least one book a month this year. I’m happy to report that I finished my January book… in February.  The January selection was The Big Sort, which has been sitting on my book shelf for four years, along with a lot of other books I haven’t read yet either. I couldn’t let it remain another victim of my aggressive, aspirational book hobby.

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Why I’m Reading A Book A Month

I don’t make resolutions (click here for all the details).  I don’t like the precedent that self-reflection is a once-a-year activity. Yuck. You should take the time to reflect throughout the year.  Despite my aversion to New Years resolutions, I did spend some time reflecting on the prior year and that’s when I realized I read very, very few books last year. Like maybe four or five.

One of those, a book on de-cluttering, I actually put to some good use:

The fact that I read less than four books the entire year makes me sad. I love books so much that I have a page on  my website that highlights some of my favorite books.   

 How did I go from 40+ books a year to less than 5?

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You & Google Have The Same HR Problems


Over the holidays I discovered that we, everyday HR pro’s, share more similar HR problems with Google then you would think.

According to this article, many current and former Googlers have a lot of gripes about the company. Now some of this stuff (“everyone is overqualified”) is not a typical HR  issue but the article does highlight some complaints that may sound familiar: lack of diversity and bad managers.

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Trump Won. We Can All Move Along Now. Right?

election-overNope. As evidenced by the #notmypresident hashtag and protests, our President-Elect will be stirring up strong emotions for at least four more years. As  HR Pro’s we are going to continue to see this bleed into the workplace.

That’s why I’ve put together a list of some of the best articles I’ve read on the post election workplace, Donald Trump, and politics at work. It doesn’t matter that the election is over, the divisiveness we saw in this election will likely continue and we should anticipate the implications and our response.

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A Decade in HR : Don’t Close Doors

I was updating my LI profile the other night and realized that I have been in HR for over TEN years.  A decade in a profession that can be incredibly rewarding, frustrating and sometimes soul-crushing all in the same day.

Over the last decade, I’ve learned some important lessons from observation and personal experience.  That’s what this series will be about. This series will not be about crazy HR stories or bad HR people, it’s about my observations and moving the field forward. I hope this series is enlightening, funny and maybe you learn something.

Make sure to check out lessons one and two:

Lesson Three: Don’t Close Doors

My first job in HR was the headquarters of a large multi-state company. I was excited to be working downtown, excited to dress “professionally” every day and most of all excited to be working for a company with over 10,000 employees. When I set out to get my first job in HR, I targeted large companies because I believed these organizations would provide diverse experience and promotional opportunities.

Ten years later, I still see the advantage of large companies  but I’ve realized a few things:

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