Carnival of HR – Post-Primary Hangover Edition

I_Voted_OhioIn an early preview of November’s presidential battle, excuse me, election, I voted yesterday in Ohio’s presidential primaries. Now, depending on last night’s outcome you might have a political hangover (it’s only March?) or are trying to figure what country you can immigrate to. 

But hey, don’t worry about immigrating, if Trump gets elected President it’s only for four years!

But enough about politics, let me provide you with some distraction from politics and work. Without further ado here is what’s on tap for this month’s carnival:

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HR In A Quarter Mile

Last week I started a new job at Mickey Thompson Tires and Wheels. As the HR Manager for a performance tire and wheel company, I’ve been on a crash course through the world of tire operations, customer service and sales but the coolest part of my first week was going to Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School.

That’s right, someone put me in a car that can go 200+ miles an hour (not to worry the speed was capped at 130) and it was up to me to steer straight (that was actually the easiest part). Hurtling down the ¼ mile track is an exciting/exhilarating/nerve-wracking experience that was an awesome way to put me (literally) in the driver’s seat of our customers.

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Not Your Typical HR Conference

There was hardly a mention of SHRM and that wasn’t a bad thing because the conversations were great.


Everything about HR evolution is classic un-conference. If you are content to sit in your chair  this is not the conference for you.


For starters, there was no table where I had to flash credentials and verify that I did in fact belong at the conference.  Instead, when I walked in I was greeted by lots of smiles.  How refreshing!  We had a great kick-off “speech” where the emphasis was placed on getting to know fellow attendees and participating in the presentations.


The sessions were informative and varied but there were no legal or compliance sessions.  I was thrilled that I wouldn’t have to worry about accidentally walking into a FMLA session on my Saturday afternoon. The only problem was trying to attend concurrent sessions on great topics and talk with participants and presenters.


Perhaps the best part of the conference was the great discussions and back and forth with the presenters. We questioned if it was possible or even necessary to disrupt HR, employment branding, assessments and talent acquisition, to name a few.


Oh and did I mention we did HR improv? Very cool to watch (notice I said watch? No way was I getting up there and talking through random slides).


I would definitely recommend you attend HR Evolution next year. Due to the small size of the conference you have an opportunity to connect with other HR pros and talk with presenters in  a super casual atmosphere. And if you are going to spend a Saturday talking HR, isn’t that the way to do it?


#TNSHRM14 Is On!

In a few short weeks, I will be attending the Tennessee State SHRM Conference in Sevierville, Tennessee (just outside Knoxville). This year you can catch me reporting on the action as part of the social media team and participating in some panel discussions about HR and social media. Although the conference isn’t until September 16, the social media crew has put together some welcome videos so you can get to know us before we arrive.


Check out my video below and make sure to say “hi” at the conference. Follow the hashtag #TNSHRM14 to see more of the social media team. See you in the Sevierville!