Trump Won. We Can All Move Along Now. Right?

election-overNope. As evidenced by the #notmypresident hashtag and protests, our President-Elect will be stirring up strong emotions for at least four more years. As  HR Pro’s we are going to continue to see this bleed into the workplace.

That’s why I’ve put together a list of some of the best articles I’ve read on the post election workplace, Donald Trump, and politics at work. It doesn’t matter that the election is over, the divisiveness we saw in this election will likely continue and we should anticipate the implications and our response.

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Five Signs You Are Not Ready to Be A Manager

ManagerToday’s post comes to us from Helen Sabell. She works for the College for Adult Learning, and is passionate about lifelong learning. She has designed, developed and authored many workplace leadership and training programs, both in Australia and overseas. You can connect with her on LinkedIn. Thanks for the post today Helen!


Management roles require individuals with determination, exceptional communication skills and an ability to respond to difficult situations. A manager is not only responsible for their personal work but the triumphs and failures of the entire team.


As a position that offers outstanding opportunity and the chance to demonstrate strong leadership, many professionals will find themselves willing to accept the promotion despite not feeling ready. If you find yourself struggling with confidence or unable to handle your current workload, it’s likely you just aren’t ready to manage yet.


This isn’t a failure on your part, just another part of the career journey. Ensuring that you are ready and able to effectively lead a team will take time. Check out six signs that suggest you should maybe politely decline the offer instead.

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A Decade in #HR : If You Don’t Have This Quality You Are Useless

I was updating my LI profile the other night and realized that I have been in HR for over TEN years.  A decade in a profession that can be incredibly rewarding, frustrating and sometimes soul-crushing all in the same day.

Reputation Post-It Note Meaning Opinion Or Standing
Reputation Post-It Note Meaning Opinion Or Standing

Over the last decade, I’ve learned some important lessons from observation and personal experience.  That’s what this series will be about. This series will not be about crazy HR stories or bad HR people, it’s about my observations and moving the field forward. I hope this series is enlightening, funny and maybe you learn something.


Lesson 1: Credibility

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is the importance of credibility.  As an HR practitioner, you must have credibility or you are useless.

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Get The Wrong People Off The Bus

kicking_seat-640x359Last week I read an article about a startup called Code42, based in Minneapolis.   After raising additional funds and seeing 100% year over year growth employees might have felt pretty good about their future.  Or maybe not…

The company recently laid off 30 employees.  

Of course in today’s business environment it isn’t shocking that companies are still going through layoffs but it was the message from Code42 CEO Joe Payne that raised my eyebrows:

“As I looked at the aggressive nature of our plan, there were a set of people who didn’t fit the plan or didn’t have the right skill set, or didn’t have the right attitude,” Payne said in an interview. “We’re hiring like crazy for growth, let’s get the wrong people off the bus. [bold and italics added]

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The Bad Manager Hangover

Haven't we all felt this way after a wild night? Or the latest company re-organization...
Haven’t we all felt this way after a wild night? Or the latest company re-organization…

Moving into any new leadership role can be difficult.  It is even more difficult if you are inheriting a team that has been badly managed or neglected. In these teams you’ve inherited a situation that is a challenge for the most-experienced leaders. The people on these teams could probably illustrate the “how NOT to manage” coloring book.    

Challenges include:  

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