Half Measures

I’ve been watching Breaking Bad again and noticing new details. For example,  the beautiful photography. Every time I watch an episode I want to move to New Mexico. Thanks to the prequel series Better Call Saul, I’m also paying attention to the character backstories.

Mike Ehrmantraut, ex-cop and now right hand man of drug boss Gustavo Fringe, is a fascinating character. In the season three episode Half Measures, Mike shares the story of the time he chose a half measure. He had the opportunity to kill a serial domestic abuser and Mike instead took him to jail. Upon his release from jail, the man killed his wife. In Mike’s words:

“I chose a half measure when I should have gone all the way... I’ll never make that mistake again. No more half measures, Walter.” 

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Welcome To The Freak Show

Yes, I’m referring to the American Presidential election.  It is a freak show.  There are so many hot topics to keep track of:  plagiarized speeches, pay for play allegations and walls.  It’s not as if serious issues like terrorism, the national debt and police brutality are more pressing but never mind all that, lets focus on building walls!freak-show-ticket


As tempting as it is to stay away from politics, we will only continue to see more of these issues popping up in our workplace.  I wrote a post on this for PIC last week detailing some of the lessons we can take away from the current election. Here’s a quick snippet:

As our relationship with work changes, people’s expectations of the organization will continue to change.  That means we have to heed the lessons we’re seeing in this election: be off the cuff, word of mouth is best, shrug off mistakes and forget the two hour meetings.

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Five Signs You Are Not Ready to Be A Manager

ManagerToday’s post comes to us from Helen Sabell. She works for the College for Adult Learning, and is passionate about lifelong learning. She has designed, developed and authored many workplace leadership and training programs, both in Australia and overseas. You can connect with her on LinkedIn. Thanks for the post today Helen!


Management roles require individuals with determination, exceptional communication skills and an ability to respond to difficult situations. A manager is not only responsible for their personal work but the triumphs and failures of the entire team.


As a position that offers outstanding opportunity and the chance to demonstrate strong leadership, many professionals will find themselves willing to accept the promotion despite not feeling ready. If you find yourself struggling with confidence or unable to handle your current workload, it’s likely you just aren’t ready to manage yet.


This isn’t a failure on your part, just another part of the career journey. Ensuring that you are ready and able to effectively lead a team will take time. Check out six signs that suggest you should maybe politely decline the offer instead.

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Wearable Technology At Work

If it seems like everyone is wearing a Fitbit or a smart watch, you aren’t completely imagining it.  According to a recent report, 21 million items were sold in the wearable technology category (Pebble, Fitbit, smart watch, etc;) in 2014 and the sector anticipates a 48% compound annual growth rate.  Right now the biggest users are fitness oriented people who use the technology to track their heart rate and other markers of physical health.

In the workplace, we are seeing employers utilize this technology in wellness programs which give employees discounts on their health insurance rates and using these to track and compare walking/fitness challenges.

All pretty cool stuff that seems to be centralized in the health/fitness area.  But a little bit of digging and the applications are endless as well as the legal and ethical implications.

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